27 July 2011 @ 12:59 am
SEVEN HELLS, LJ. I need to express my thoughts about ADwD, can you cooperate?


And now my wait beginsCollapse )
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24 July 2011 @ 01:00 am
Spoilers up to The KingbreakerCollapse )
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15 July 2011 @ 11:55 pm
Spoilers up to Davos 3Collapse )
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13 July 2011 @ 11:02 pm
Spoilers up to Bran 2Collapse )
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23 May 2011 @ 11:59 pm
O HAI LJ, been a while since I scribbled in your virtual pages. Time for a quick recap, in the wake of momentous international events and the most exciting election in recent Canadian history and my decision to join the dark side, aka Twitter (and I just got retweeted by a random stranger, so I feel validated)! So at the time of my last post, I had not yet gone back to the island the Hellmouth school for my final year of library school, and Game of Thrones had not actually started filming. Well, fastforward 10 months and I have now theoretically mastered information (though the official fancy convocation ceremony is next month, and I can't apply for the Watchers' Council librarian jobs until I have proof of degree) and Thrones has not only premiered (to mostly positive reception despite that whole thing with the NYT's "boy fiction" BS), but has also been granted a second season. Thank you HBO, for this gift of Jaqen, Stannis and Davos, Asha and Balon, and Brienne too!

So how did all that stuff happen without my mentioning it to you, darling LJ? I meant to return sooner, but you know... laziness, lack of motivation, etc. An epic series-long recap of my grad school experience in the style of my J-Skool retrospective is in the works, so expect it in a month, or two. lol

Also, it's been a year since Lost ended. I've already worked through my grief in my geeky grad student way - I wrote five papers about/inspired by the show, count 'em - but WE HAVE TO GO BAAAAAAACK!Collapse )

No show has replaced the island-shaped void in my life yet, not even GoT, but the dragons are coming this summer and I expect to dance. :DDD More TV and movie thoughts TK. I have weird flu-like allergies, crappy hours at work, and neverending research assistant stuff I regret agreeing to do...
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22 July 2010 @ 05:21 pm
So, driving test went well, and the province of Ontario has deemed me worthy of a license to kill operate a class G motor vehicle. My examiner was pretty nice, we even talked about the weather lol. Now let us put this suffering behind us!

Course enrolment also went well. The system was supposed to let us on at 10 this morning, but didn't until like 10 minutes past, which resulted in everybody repeatedly smashing their keyboards. I hope I like the electives I chose. Is that too much to ask?

I'm also really glad that my new ship from Inception isn't an empty one. This is like the first time I'm onboard a popular ship as it leaves port and it's been crazy - it hasn't even been a week since the movie opened and there's already too much fanfic to keep up with, and mixes and even vids, zomg!Collapse )

In ASoIaF news, everybody is dizzy with the casting news extravaganza and the heady fact that filming is days away! With all the fandom excitement generated by the final season of Lost, and Game of Thrones moving into full production mode, and Inception invading the fan subconscious, I can almost forget the heat and the insects and the post-practicum depression and the driving anxiety and maybe, idk, actually enjoy the summer. Perhaps I will go make more spinach dip and read the latest Dan Brown now.
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18 July 2010 @ 10:18 am
Having to leave the theatre after seeing Inception was like being rudely shaken from a beautiful dream. And I would love to sit here and compulsively talk about fan theories and Cillian's cheekbones for the rest of the day but now I have to fully wake up for work (yes, I am posting this from work, on a Sunday) and hope that someone performed inception on me during last night's slumber so that I am inspired to pass my driving test tomorrow.

But first, meet my new favourite fictional couple:

from the Arthur and Ariadne tumblr

NEWBORN SHIP IS WAILING NEWBORN. Watch this space for future developments!
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10 June 2010 @ 02:12 am
It's been 2.5 weeks since the end of Lost. Be sensitive, I'm mourning the end of a six-year relationship lol. I think I might still be in denial because I feel like I haven't had time to move through the stages of my grief as quickly as other fans, what with trying to do my iSchool practicum, dealing with an acute case of unrequited love, and being abandoned by j_taurus5, who moved across the country yesterday to become a grown-up. So now three of my closest friends are seeking their fortunes in the wild west and I'm here struggling to write a final report on my practicum, apocalyptic story of my life.

Spoilers for the series finale... and everything before that (is just progress)Collapse )
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23 May 2010 @ 02:06 am
It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.Collapse )

In other news, year one of library school is kinda over (halfway to becoming Rupert Giles and Watching a Slayer!) except for the part where I thought taking a summer class was a good idea, so I'm currently doing my practicum at a public library. More on moats and goldfish and browsery boys another day when the world isn't ending!

Time for bed. And then, in honour of the momentous occasion, an attempt at Dharma Fish Biscuits. And then The End itself. Namaste!
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21 February 2010 @ 07:02 pm
Reading Week + Year of the Tiger + Olympics Pride = sounded pretty awesome, until my crazy aunt wrecked it with her existence. She's slightly better today and earlier she could talk civilly with my mom (albeit about how she wants to have dental surgery and how the Evil Computer offered her $32,000 to marry the guy next door, aka our new neighbour, and when she refused the Computer got pissed off and made her stove malfunction), but it has literally been a madhouse around here this past weekCollapse )

In other news, I'm now totally caught up on The Office. "I colour-code all my info. I wrote 'gay son' in green. Green means go, so I know to 'go ahead and shut up about it.' Orange means 'Orange you glad you didn't bring it up.' Most colours mean to shut up about it." I know fan reactions were mixed, but I freakin' loved the Michael Scott Paper Company arc because it brought back Ryan and, like Michael, I have an inexplicable crush on Ryan.

10 Rules for Writing Fiction.

The Eight Strangest-Looking Actors in Hollywood. They should do an all-female list. #1 would be Tilda Swinton.

Hollywood's 10 Most Eeeeevil Actors. Again, where are the women?

Scans from Entertainment Weekly's latest Lost issue. Spoilers about returning characters!

Speaking of LostCollapse )
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